An Introduction to Angle Grinders for Beginners

Use different types of angle grinder wheels to get the most out of your angle grinder.

Did you know that your angle grinder can do more than just cut metal?

Just change the attachment discs and wheels, and you get to do fantastic work quickly.

In this introductory article, we cover the basics.

What exactly is an angle grinder, and how can you make the most of it?

Along with a power saw and sander, an angle grinder is one of the most useful tools you can have in your home. Angler grinder is used for grinding, cutting, polishing, scoring, and more.

Angle grinders are handy tools that can be found in various industries, including metalworking, construction, woodworking, and auto body shops. Because you can attach various wheels and discs to these power tools, they are incredibly versatile. They can do everything from grinding and cutting to sanding and polishing with the help of these discs.

We’ve compiled a list of various and helpful angle grinder wheels and discs. Read this article for more information if you want to get the most out of your angle grinder and maximize efficiency and productivity.

Angle Grinder Discs/Wheels

The grinding disc is the most visible and, most likely, the most popular type of angle grinder disc. The shapes and sizes of grinding discs vary to suit the work.

Grit is a unit of measurement for the hardness and smoothness of a grinding disc.

A lower grit number in sandpaper indicates higher coarseness. The same is valid for grinding discs. The higher the number, the smoother the grinding.

Low grit grinding discs remove material more quickly, but they also produce more sparks and have a rougher appearance. They can also cause minor burns and more scratches than high-grit discs. Ronix manufactures high-quality grinding discs in a variety of sizes.

How to Use

Grinding wheels are predominantly used to remove excess material from a surface, clean up cuts, and prepare metal workpieces for welding. They are also used to sharpen various gardening tools such as shovels and grind out metal welds.

Cut-off Discs

The cut-off disc is the angle grinder’s second most commonly used wheel. Cut-off discs, as the name implies, are used to cut metal bars and metal sheets. Cut-off wheels are thinner than grinding wheels to provide the most accurate cuts. This is why working with them is riskier. Angle grinders shatter easily if you abruptly change their position or use them in a position that causes them to bend. The small flying pieces of a shattered cutting wheel are dangerous and can cause serious injuries. As a result, you should use high-quality safety equipment when attempting to cut with an angle grinder. Ronix cut-off discs are made of high-quality materials, making them safer to work with than low-quality discs.

How to Use

Cut-off discs can be used to cut metal bars, metal tubes, and small pieces of metal sheets and plates. They can also be used to remove welds. An angle grinder and a cut-off wheel are also useful for shortening the length of various bolts.

Flap Discs

Flap Discs and grinding discs have a lot in common. The distinction is that, in contrast to grinding discs, flap discs are primarily used for finishing.

Flap discs, like grinding discs, are available in a variety of grits. The greater the number, the smoother the disc.

How to Use

A flap disc is used to smooth the surface of a heavily ground surface. It is also excellent for removing burrs and scratches. Burrs and scratches are sharp, and touching them without protection (such as a safety glove) can result in painful cuts. You can also chamfer them and use them to remove sharp edges and shine up gouged metal.

Wire Wheels

Wire wheels are constructed from a series of wires connected to a circle-shaped base. Wire wheels, like other angle grinder discs, are available in various shapes and sizes to accommodate a wide range of applications. A wire wheel with thick, twisted bristles is considered more abrasive and can complete the job faster and easier. Thinner and more straight bristles, on the other hand, are considered less aggressive and are used for more delicate jobs.

How to Use

A fast and easy way to clean surfaces is to use a wire wheel to remove rust from a workpiece. Angle grinder attachments can also be used to remove paint from a surface.

Diamond Blade Cutting Discs

Diamond blade cutting discs are without a doubt the sharpest angle grinder discs. Diamonds are fixed to the surface of the edges of these wheels. They typically have a cutting rim that is used in the cutting process. The higher the cutting rim, the more long-lasting and durable they are.

How to Use

Diamond cutting discs can be used for dry and wet cutting. Their diamond edges are ideal for cutting resistant and difficult-to-penetrate materials such as granite.

Polishing Pads

Attaching polishing pads to your angle grinder can help you achieve a finished and shiny surface. The name is self-explanatory; a polishing pad can be used to polish your desired surface gently. Polishing pads, like any other angle grinder attachment, are manufactured in various shapes and materials, each of which can produce a distinct finished look. Use polishing pads on an angle grinder with a speed control switch. Because polishing necessitates a specific speed, not all angle grinders are appropriate for the task.

How to Use

Polishing pads are the perfect accessory for making the surface of metal workpieces shiny! Because of this, polishing pads are widely used in auto body shops.

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Is there a wood-cutting angle grinder cutting wheel?

The high speed of the angle grinder along with the composition of the discs cannot cut wood effectively. You can start a fire trying.  Even if you had a wood cutting wheel, the high speed still causes issues. This is why you have saws to cut wood.