Professional and Homeowners’ Best Power Tool Brands

How do you know which power tool brands are the best?


This list compiles the best power tool brands for both professional and home use. As you search, remember that no single best power tool brand works for everyone every time. I love Festool sander, and Makita track saw. I wouldn’t exchange my Bosch router for anything else.

The best power tool is the one that you can afford, you can use, and it gets the job done for you.

For some people, buying a power tool is a way to gain experience with a variety of tools. Others like reasonably priced with a reasonable warranty.

You can purchase power tools however you like, and there’s no right or wrong way to do so.

In this article, I have attempted to address the needs of professionals, semi-pros, and newcomers to the world of power tools.

When it comes to power tools, the lineups and capabilities of different brands can be vastly different, while other companies appear to have a similar set of products.

According to professional and personal opinions, research, company popularity, range, and warranty policies, this power tool compilation list identifies which brands are the most popular overall.

A leading power tool brand needs to have a wide selection of innovative tools. It must also have a diverse range of new tools. Power tools from well-known companies, in theory, can serve a variety of purposes. Their goods range from cordless drill batteries to hammer drills.

Customers who purchase multiple products from the same brand are more likely to spread the word about the company.

A cordless drill driver, for example, is likely to come from the same manufacturer as a radial arm saw. Despite the quality of their products, some power tool brands were omitted from our list because they didn’t have a wide enough selection.

The length of the warranty is another factor we took into account when putting together our compilation. An extended warranty usually implies that the company stands behind the product and its quality. Product quality is more likely to be improved by having a more extended warranty period.

We scoured the websites of several power tool manufacturers to get a better sense of their warranties. The nature of the tool industry necessitates that most manufacturers include a warranty that ranges from six months to three years.

The Top Professional Power Tool Brands

These brands have good reputations and extended product lives. For a massive assortment of high-quality power tools, check out these companies.

Milwaukee Tool

Some tool companies change hands many times throughout their existence, but their production standards remain the same at all times. Milwaukee Tool is an example of this type of business.

A. H. Peterson and Albert F. Seibert, two Wisconsin manufacturers, founded the original Milwaukee company in 1922. Albert formed Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation in 1924 after purchasing the company’s assets after a terrible fire.

Techtronic Industries, a Hong Kong-based company, owns Milwaukee as of 2005.

It all started with a one-handed drill manufactured by Milwaukee in 1922. When Milwaukee Sawzall reciprocating saws were introduced, the company grew to include a wide range of tools and equipment.

Among the other notable Milwaukee tools are the 12V M12 System, the 18V M18 System, and the 72V MX FUEL, all of which utilize battery technology that is both innovative and efficient.

Milwaukee now has cordless devices, outdoor equipment, construction tools, and other items. Milwaukee also makes corded, gas-powered, and battery-powered tools in addition to drills.

General contractors, auto mechanics, HVAC technicians, and electricians are just professions that prefer Milwaukee. Milwaukee tools are capable of taking on the most challenging jobs, unlike some other brands.


In contrast to many other power tool manufacturers, Ridgid focuses on the HVAC and plumbing markets. Founded in Ohio in 1923, Ridgid is one of the oldest companies in the industry. Pipe wrenches are a specialty for the company, and they’ve earned a reputation for excellence.

Ridgid’s red pipe wrenches are widely regarded as some of the best plumbing tools on the market. Although Ridgid wrenches are less standard among construction workers and general contractors, they will still use the brand’s power tools, including saws, impact drivers, and drills.

However, even though Ridgid does not produce many power tools or utilize cutting-edge battery technology, its products are worth discussing. In addition to Milwaukee tools, a wide range of Ridgid products are made by the same company.

Ridgid tool warranties are among the best in the industry, as well. Ridgid is a brand that focuses on quality, not quantity, with a comprehensive lifetime warranty backing its craftsmanship.


Professionals also like DeWalt, a venerable and well-known global brand. Raymond E. DeWalt, creator of the radial arm saw, founded it in 1923.

As a result of the acquisition of DeWalt by Stanley Black+Decker in 1960, the brand struggled to gain popularity. The Black and Decker brand was considered inferior or amateurish by many professions. Although Stanley Black+Decker rebranded DeWalt in the 1990s as the leading brand for professionals, DeWalt’s name was still associated with the DIY market.

DeWalt’s tools and equipment include cordless and wired tools, hand tools, and woodworking equipment. The company also manufactures a variety of accessories, such as toolboxes and yard equipment.

As far as concrete and carpentry go, DeWalt tools are widely regarded as superior by industry experts.

The lithium-ion batteries of DeWalt set them apart from the competition. These batteries are made by DeWalt and are compatible with DeWalt cordless drills and yard tools. Flexvolt technology from the DeWalt brand allows batteries to switch between 20V and 60V.


Mathias Klein founded Klein Tools. Klein and his descendants have helped the company grow from making pliers for telecommunications and electrical services to becoming a leading power tool brand.

These days, the name Klein is synonymous with everything from electronics to construction to mining. Klein has been making the best tools and products for professionals for 150 years, and they continue to do so today.

Their focus is on excellent craftsmanship and tight manufacturing standards.

Klein still delivers on power tools. They can do more with less with their strong cordless crimpers, cable cutters, and impact wrench. Klein uses DeWalt batteries for best performance.

Klein products are available at Home Depot and other retailers and plumbing, HVAC, and electrical wholesalers. Contractors wishing to save money on Klein Tools can join the Klein Professional Partner Program.


Bosch is a well-known name in the construction industry. In 1886, Bosch was founded by Robert Bosch.

With more than 90% of its stock owned by Robert Bosch Stiftung (a German charitable foundation), it is known for its generous nature.

Bosch’s “home” products, from kitchen appliances to garden tools, can be found here. According to this division, which includes all of the company’s power tools, Bosch is aimed primarily at consumers rather than professionals.

For those who are serious about their projects, Bosch is an excellent choice, even if it is a little more expensive and a little more challenging to use than other tools for the average person. Builders appreciate Bosch’s tools for their outstanding build quality, dependability, and durability.

Bosch has a wide variety of cordless tools thanks to the brand’s innovative batteries and technology. Consumers can choose from a cordless drill to a jigsaw, depending on their preference. You can be confident in the quality of your Bosch tools, despite the high price tag.

Best Power Tool Brands for Occasional Users

Here are some of the best power tool brands for homeowners, DIY enthusiasts, and semi-professionals. Some pros who use these brands without hesiation.


The Sears-owned Craftsman brand was founded in 1927. Eventually, Stanley Black+Decker became Craftsman’s parent company, which helped make the Stanley Black+Decker name a household favorite in the United States.

Craftsman was acquired by Stanley Black+Decker for $900 million from Sears in 2017, but the deal was not without a hitch. According to the agreement, Sears will have a 15-year limit on using the Craftsman brand name on products it manufactures, sells, or markets.

However, Sear’s new “Craftsman Ultimate Collection” brand of professional-grade power tools confused many consumers. Stanley Black+Decker argued that Sears’ marketing of the new Craftsman equipment and devices as the “real home” of the brand violated the original agreement.

A variety of corded, gas-powered, and battery-powered tools are now available from Craftsman. One of Craftsman’s most well-known product lines is Weedwhacker, which is known for its string trimmers.

The Versa System from Craftsman offers a good assortment of various tools and accessories. This method can organize hammers, pliers, screwdrivers, saws, and other tools.

Like other Stanley Black+Decker products, Craftsman’s marketing is aimed at homeowners and hobbyists. Aside from the company’s high quality and product range, many professionals find the company appealing.


In 1998, Lowe’s Home Improvement opened the doors to the brand. Home Depot still owns it, but other manufacturers are responsible for the design and production of Kobalt products.

Lowe carries a wide selection of corded and battery-powered power tools with the Kobalt brand, including wrenches and screwdrivers. Many homeowners prefer Kobalt toolsets.

Ryobi is a company that has some similarities to Kobalt. Ryobi and Kobalt tools have fewer power tools in their lineups than the other despite their similar quality.

Among Kobalt’s best cordless power tools are those in the XTR line. Semi-professionals will appreciate the increased power of these cordless power tools. As with other Kobalt product lines, the XTR line provides consumers with excellent value for their money.

Both professionals and homeowners can use Kobalt tools without difficulty. In terms of quality and price, the brand falls somewhere in the middle, making it suitable for casual DIYers and woodworkers alike.


Metabo HPT was previously known as Hitachi, with product lines expanding beyond power tools.

In addition to batteries, construction machinery, and aircraft parts, Hitachi is a multinational corporation. The KKR investment fund purchased the power tool division of Hitachi in 2017.

Metabo HPT is the new name for the company. A good selection of hand and power tools is available, such as drills, impact drivers, cut-off saws, and more.

18V and MultiVolt cordless power tools like the Metabo HPT 18V Triple Hammer impact driver are also manufactured by the company.

The Metabo HPT system, despite its reputation for high-quality cordless devices and cutting equipment, does not have as many cordless tools as other manufacturers.

For semi-professionals prepared to pay a little more on tools, Metabo HPT remains a tempting brand.


Mosaburo Makita founded the company in Japan in 1915. Makita did not become a household name until 1958 when it introduced planers and drills.

Makita’s product line currently includes a wide range of items that you might see in a workshop or on a construction site.

We have circular saws, impact drivers, hammers, angle grinders, and more from Makita for significant renovation or building projects.

Pneumatic tools and outdoor equipment are also well-represented in the product line of this business.

The LXT sub-compact brushless motors series from Makita is an excellent example of the company’s stylish, simple, powerful, and high-quality products. Makita also manufactures worksite equipment such as radios, fans, and cordless coffee makers.

In addition, Makita is known for its cordless system that emphasizes ease of use and convenience for both homeowners and professionals. Matika tools have a single powerful voltage, unlike other cordless systems that require multiple batteries.

All Makita products were manufactured in Japan at one time. Today, Makita tools are made in many countries worldwide, but the brand’s high-quality standards are not compromised.


Ryobi, a subsidiary of Techtronic Industries, is another popular Japanese brand among homeowners, semi-professionals, and Milwaukee.

The company’s preferred brand for enthusiasts and homes is Ryobi, despite Milwaukee being a famous professional brand.

Ryobi is known for its bright green color, but its power tools are less durable than those made by professional brands. Ryobi products are ideal for people who prefer to keep equipment on hand for fast operations but don’t plan to use them on a construction site for several days.

Ryobi offers a variety of corded and cordless tools, such as a drill set, circular saw, and impact driver.

Ryobi products may not be as durable as Milwaukee’s, but their parent company produces moderate-use tools that can last for years. Ryobi power tools will get the job done, even if they aren’t intended for heavy-duty use regularly.


Manufacturers in the power tool industry compete for the best products for both professionals and consumers.

Big companies battling with upstart enterprises can be challenging to navigate. Experience, consumer feedback, and production innovation give power tool brands a particular competitive advantage.

This includes everything from reputation to price and product range when deciding on a power tool company.

If you’re a novice DIYer, a new startup offers affordable tools. A competent contractor may prefer to buy from a lengthy history and a large tool selection.

The greatest power tool makers should be known to you as a customer. There’s a corporation out there for everyone, no matter what their degree of expertise.